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Latest Step by Step SEO Tutorial: Selecting a website domain name
Learn the factors that affect traffic to website when choosing a domain name
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Shorter Domain names are better

A few points to consider: Make it easy as possible to type and so to avoid misspellings; A shorter domain is easier to remember.

With or without hyphens

Domains without hyphens are favoured. So using more than one hyphen is even less preferred.
This does not mean that they do not have uses, for the right domain they can make the domain more readable and therefore memorable and in some cases it can clear confusions for search engines as well as to the user who is browsing, this is especially true when multiple words in a domain name could have two different interpretations - be careful of this!

Using tageted keywords

Having a domain that contains keywords they are you are targeting as part of your SEO campaign is a most beneficial strategy. So if you are selling fishing goods then the chances are that people are going to be typing in "fishing" to find a business like yours. If your business and the user happen to live in Hartwell.... Then a domain name such as will certainly boost your SEO efforts. It will help index your site effectively for the locations Hartwell and the UK and for the word "fishing".
Use this website to help you come up with a domain name idea:

Location specific - Top level domain (TLDs)

1. If your website is going to be targeting a particular country, then it is highly recommended to use a TLD for that that country. So for example the if the country was the United kindom then the tld would be "", making the website something like "". However, if it is international then it is recommended to go for the ".com" domain names.
2. For non commercial websites, It is recommended to use .edu for academic websites and .org for organisations.

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